Tradition & Excellence

The culture of perfection and excellence is a hallmark of our craftsmen. Well beyond their professional degree, it is their know-how and their inter-personal skills that are first considered. They permanently must combine the tradition of our craft with contemporary creation. In our workshop, we offer designers, architects, planners, all trades to help them to do their job.

Window treatment,
bed and cushions

Our workshop has specialized for a long time in (net) curtains, blinds, wall hangings. Our team will work along with you from very early stage of creation till final set up.

Material expert

We enjoy the work of materials with a long tradition of leather in all these forms for wich we favor a traditional and natural tanning. The manual cutting of fabrics and leather allows us to work in full respect of the materials we use. Beyond the cut, we offer our customers perfect finishes to go to always more precision and perfection.

Seat upholstery

From padding to sheathing work, our craft specialists are able to help you with technical projects (acoustic for example) as well as decoratives ones.


Specialist of blending different types of foam density, feathers down or wool, we believe that we shoudn’t have to choose between comfort and design.


We integrated this know-how in our workshop. This allows us to be autonomous and therefore reactive on major projects whether classical or contemporary, both in creation and refurbishment.

Mobilier de Style refurbishment

We restore all pieces of classical « de style » seatings according to state of the art technique using high quality materials. In our workshop, we do take care of your pieces of furniture, from  woodwork renewal (repair, sculpture, patina, limewash, lacquer) to fabric covering.

Sofa & chairs

Palaces, mansions, private residences…

Upholstery, refurbishment

Stylistic furniture…

Window treatment, bed & cushions

TV Channels, castles, museum…

Contact us

Designers, architects, planners... We are working closely with you and help you to bring your vision to life.

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