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Elegance and beauty, bespoke perfection, authenticity and state-of-the-Art upholstery, that’s the essence of Siegeair. First, our history starts with President Pompidou’s taste for Contemporary Art. He chose famous designer Pierre Paulin to refurnish Presidential appartment. Paulin appointed Siegeair then, and our journey to excellence began.

→  Siegeair introduces its new workshop at the heart of French-Swiss Alps. Formerly known as Atelier Bacchetta, our team specializes in «de style» seatings restorations according to traditional techniques.

French Know-how

At Siegeair, we like to think our workshop is the meeting point for exceptionnal technical know-how, highest level of creativity and the most exquisite materials. Therefore, not only do we transform your projects in one-of-a-kind pieces but our inner mission is to reveal their essence, their soul.

EPV label

At Siegeair we are proud to be a sharing place. We share the highest standards of French know-how and the same desire to achieve the impossible. That’s how we earned the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label, as heirs of French Luxury Industry epitomizing the “Made in France”. That’s also how and why the Fundation Bettencourt Schueller awarded us with their unique Prize for l’Intelligence de la Main.

Passionate crafstmen

Siegeair it’s 25 men and women, all among the best crafts professionals willing to share their skills and passion with everyone. Our credo: “Art without Technique is powerless but Technique only gets meaning thanks to Art”.


The french upholstery know-how to sublimate designers and decoration specialists


Art & Décoration Paris Fair


Intelligence de la Main - Prize


French "EPV" Label renewal

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Designers, architects, planners... We are working closely with you and help you to bring your vision to life.

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